Monday, June 1, 2009

So Much More to Do!!

I started going back and looking at The Second Crown the other day. Since Roliwyn is almost finished, I've been thinking about ways to improve TSC when I start editing it. Unfortunately, I think God had a few more in-depth ideas than just some simple pov and dialogue tag edits. :0S
It started out when I got an idea about a week ago on something that had been bothering me for a while--why are they all fighting about this one fiefdom, Greenhalle? Then it popped into my head. They're concerned because in Lerem (the fantasy country) the nobles' influence in the court is directly proportional to the amount of land they hold. Hence, since Greenhalle is the second largest fiefdom in Lerem (next to Rege, the king's fiefdom) it is the most important piece of land a noble could possess.
So far, so good right? Well, you know how when you watch popcorn start popping in one of the old poppers, and it's just one kernel, then another, then another, then all of a sudden a whole bunch start popping like crazy? That pretty much describes my brain these past few days. One thing led to another...which led to another...which led to infinitum....
I know that these changes are for the better. I know that they'll allow me to make a tighter, more intriguing story. But doggone it! I want to be done with TSC!!! And the book just won't die! :0)
I know that there comes a point when you have to say, "That's it. It's as good as it's going to get." But I feel like I haven't reached that point yet. In fact, I know I haven't reached that point yet. So I, griping and complaining, said, "OK, OK. I guess these changes have to be put in to make a better story. Fine. I'll just make The Second Crown my life's work!!" :0) Just kidding. I'm sure that reworking the story while I edit it will keep my interest up. I actually needed something to boost my interest in it...I've been dragging my feet on Roliwyn because I said that once I finished the first draft on it, I had to go back to TSC and finish editing. And I'm soooooo tired of TSC. So maybe revamping the story a bit will keep my interest going long enough to get it edited.
So, hopefully, hopefully soon I'll be able to proclaim on this blog: "The Second Crown is finished! Done! Forever and again finalized!" Then will come editing Roliwyn, and shopping the Lerem Trilogy (for lack of a better title) around to editors as I begin work on NightSword. Then after NightSword comes Downfall and Blackwing's Revenge (my newest additions to my Absor Chronicles series, which tells the history of my world Absor and at this point contains two trilogies [The Elyar Trilogy and The Rangers of Truen trilogy] as well as a series of eight [The Guardian Sagas] and six or seven stand-alones).
Sound like I have my work cut out for me? You bet! And I wouldn't change it for anything (despite some declarations to the contrary you may hear once in a while...) :0)

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Lostariel said...

Ha. And I haven't even really begun to edit SOL. :) In truth, though, I like editing... if I could just set aside my other projects enough to work on it in depth would help, though. :D


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