Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer Request For Miss Olivia



Well, the news came yesterday late afternoon--Miss Olivia, Justin's little sister who has Down Syndrome, has leukemia (AML). Child leukemia is easier to cure, but it's still cancer...and it's still hard to go through.

This has been a possibility because of her weak immune system. Lately, Miss Livie's been having trouble with being sickish, and her blood cells count has been super low. They thought that changing her diet helped, but then her platelet count dropped like crazy. After several blood tests, and a trip up to Kansas City to get a bone marrow test, it was confirmed yesterday that she had leukemia.

Tammy and Bob took Livie to a children's hospital in KC today, and from the sound of it it's been one frustration after another. They were going to put a central line for a chemotherapy IV into her chest today, but her platelets were too low. When they tried to do a blood transfusion to get her platelet count up, she was too dehydrated from not having anything to eat or drink most of the day in prep for surgery.

Tammy's planning to stay with Livie through the treatment, which means 5-6 months of staying up in KC. Bob's going to go back and forth so he can try to get some work done. All the kids (Josh through Jonah) are staying at the house. Josh is working and Justin is trying to get a job and Sarah should go back to school this fall (though I don't think she will).

I'm planning on being there, just to help out, make meals, whatever needs to be done. I also want so hard to support Justin, and just be someone he can turn to when he needs to. I know I'm going to need to lean on the Lord so I can be strong for Justin--because I'm going to have to push aside some of my wants for this. The biggest one is even just thinking about moving our wedding plans aside, or changing them. It's not about us. I'm not dwelling on the wedding plans and stuff much, because it's not the important thing here. Olivia's needs and the T's needs are the extremely important thing. But I know, broken person that I am, that I will have days where I'm wanting to be selfish. Please pray that Justin and I will both have the Godly strength to push past our own selfishness.

And please, please pray for Olivia's healing. It makes me sick to think about her going through chemo. I love the little goofy gal like crazy.

She's such a little sweetheart, I honestly don't think anyone could spend 5 minutes with her and not come away loving her for the rest of their lives.

If you'd like to see updates from the Ts themselves, they have a site set up for Miss Livie here.

God Bless!!

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Tornado Chaser said...

I love you very much, Heather! *Tears*
Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support, this is one of the hardest things that my family has gone through. Mostly pray for Miss O and mom and dad, they have the hardest part of this.

Justin T

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