Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That Perfect Spot

I found my perfect writing spot Monday. Justin's family had rented a nice condo-type house outside of Branson for a couple of days, and I went with them yesterday. This place was enormous, with 7 hi-def TVs, a media room with a remote control the size of a PSP, a beautiful lake view.... Justin's such a gadget guy. While I was still admiring the view, he was in the media room, kicked back in one of the 4 La-Z-Boy recliners, playing with the huge remote. :0) It WAS nice watching movies in there, although I wouldn't recommend Jurassic Park if it's your first time to see that particular movie...
Anyway, disgressing! Back on track, brain...
The perfect writing spot happened to be sitting outside on the back deck. It was upper 60s (just warm enough for rolled up jeans, flipflops, and a t-shirt, my favorite attire) with a good view, a breeze was coming up from the lake, I was sitting on a comfy bench next to the love of my life, and I had a pen, a highlighter, and a market guide in my hand. I was going through the guide highlighting potential recipients of my work (pity them!). Then I wondered, why on earth do I not have my laptop here hen-pecking away on the keys?
Simple answer, I left it at home. Dumb idea! I wish I had one of those tiny laptops to just toss in my messenger bag wherever I'm going!
I admitted to myself later, however perfect it may have been, I still wouldn't want to write there all the time. Sometimes I get the most work done at orchestra, where it's so crazy and noisy I have to work hard to focus. A variety of places is good for me! :0)
But, sometime next year, I do want to go back there with my laptop and spend some time writing. Although, if a certain young man is there, it might be pretty difficult to concentrate!

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