Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures Await!

Roliwyn Update: I wrote over 2,00o words in three days (at Josh and Hannah's end of the year orchestra concerts, which went well btw). So I am now at 72,511 words in Roliwyn! Whohoo! Only 17,489 more words to go and I'll hit my goal!
I was inspired by my Apricotpie friend Anna's blog to post some of the things I want to get done this summer. My adventure list, I guess you could call it!
OK, here they are:
1) Get married.
2) Finish Roliwyn
3) Go stormchasing again, although it's kind of unlikely since the good storm season is kind of over...
4) Make 10 amazing catches in Frisbee
5) Introduce Justin to all my relatives
6) Read 25 new books
7) Prove to Jake T that I'm not too chicken to go off the rope swing into their pond

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