Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures Await!

Roliwyn Update: I wrote over 2,00o words in three days (at Josh and Hannah's end of the year orchestra concerts, which went well btw). So I am now at 72,511 words in Roliwyn! Whohoo! Only 17,489 more words to go and I'll hit my goal!
I was inspired by my Apricotpie friend Anna's blog to post some of the things I want to get done this summer. My adventure list, I guess you could call it!
OK, here they are:
1) Get married.
2) Finish Roliwyn
3) Go stormchasing again, although it's kind of unlikely since the good storm season is kind of over...
4) Make 10 amazing catches in Frisbee
5) Introduce Justin to all my relatives
6) Read 25 new books
7) Prove to Jake T that I'm not too chicken to go off the rope swing into their pond

Friday, May 22, 2009

Justin's Graduation!

Last Saturday was a super exciting day for the Ts and me...Justin graduated from college!!!!
What a long, fun, exhausting day! :0)
They decided to drive up there the day of graduation, and Justin had an honors convocation at 9:00 my mom dragged me out of bed at 4:30 to get ready. Gag. I'm scary in the early, early morning, trust me. The rest of my family was heading out for track Nationals (congrats to Josh and Hannah for their great events) so we all left at 5:00, me driving the GMC into town. I talked to Justin the entire way in cause he wanted to make sure I stayed awake.
So I met them at 5:30, got into the shuttle bus, and tried to sleep on the 3 1/2 hour drive up to Columbia. Didn't work. For some odd reason I couldn't sleep for the longest time. I mean, I was comfy...but for some reason sleep just wouldn't come. Oh yes, and Justin liked my new "I heart my meteorologist" t-shirt...I wore it that day for the first time.
After we got to Columbia, we dropped Justin off at school and ran to his apartment to change into dressy clothes. I conveniently forgot my high heeled shoes and wore my flipflops the entire day. :0)
But then it was cold at the convocation! I was glad I'd had the sense to grab my jacket, but my legs froze. *Note to self-do not wear that dress outdoors in 60-degree weather again unless you have brown leggings to go with it!*
After the convocation, we had Justin's commencement ceremony, which was thankfully indoors and only an hour long! :0) I sat and used my handy little notepad feature on my phone to write a half page in Roliwyn during the speaker's boring, rambly speech. After the commencement we went to Golden Corral for lunch with Justin's grandparents. Then his grandparents wanted to see his apartment, so we went over there for a while.
Then I gave Justin his graduation gifts. I'd say his favorite was the Pet Tornado.
I wish I could get pictures off my phone, cause I took one of him playing with it on the way home. I bet he played with it for 20 minutes! :0D
Oh yes, and on the way home we watched Home Alone 1. Yes, I'd never seen it before. Yes, I know my movie experiences were sadly lacking. Sort of. I cringed every time something happened to someone's feet. Definitely a movie that gets better if you watch it when you're super tired. But it was hilarious in that when my brother Josh was little, I remember people asking if he was...however you spell the kid's name who played Kevin...did I just admit I don't know how to spell something? :0) Anyway, my brother used to look just like Kevin, let's put it that way. So watching the movie was hilarious from that standpoint.
Justin and me

Officially graduated!

I wish I had more pics, but these are pretty good. Someday I'll have to post the family pic. :0)
Now, all that remains to be decided is is Justin goes to grad school or tries to apply for (cross your fingers) a job close by. That's what we want, anyway. It'd be great to stick around our families and friends. But, we'll see what God has in store for us. I'll keep ya updated on that too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Your Thoughts on True Heroes

Heroes are a huge part of what I write about. Lately, I've been wondering--what constitutes a true hero? I'll probably be elaborating on my thoughts at some point on this blog, but here's, in a nutshell, what I think a true hero is:
"Folks in those stories had lots of chances
of turnin' back only they didn't. They kept
goin' cause they were holdin' onto
somethin'...there's some good in this
world, Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fightin' for."
Sam Gamgee, Return of the King
So, what do you think is a true hero? Sometime soon, I'll be including my friend Lz S's definition of a true hero, as well as other thoughts and maybe an essay about it. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section! Thanks!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Homeschool Rally In Jeff City

Yesterday Mom, Josh, Hannah, and I drove up to Jefferson City to to a homeschool rally in protest of Senate Bill 291. Our friends to Ss(Liz's family) and Ts (Monica's family) were there too.
Our main concern was a section in the bill that required compulsory attendance in Missouri not until age sixteen, but until sixteen credits had been achieved toward high school. Because of the wording in the bill, we were afraid that people would interpret it as applying to homeschoolers as well as public schoolers. Bad? Definitely. That would mean that the state would have control over when us homeschooled students could graduate.
Of course the politicians who came out to speak to the 2,500 homeschoolers gathered on the capitol building lawn said that they never even thought that it could affect homeschoolers, yada yada. Forgive me if I don't have much faith in politicians! :0) Anyway, long and short of it is that they passed the bill with an amendment adding that homeschoolers weren't affected by the bill.
So, mission accomplished. I've never wished for a Blackberry phone so much before! I wanted to do updates on my blog as we got there and immediately following. Oh well. The important point is that we showed up and let the politicians know we disapproved, and we made them scramble to fix it. :0)
It bugged me that there was almost no media coverage too. Oh well...I gues you can't expect it all, huh?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That Perfect Spot

I found my perfect writing spot Monday. Justin's family had rented a nice condo-type house outside of Branson for a couple of days, and I went with them yesterday. This place was enormous, with 7 hi-def TVs, a media room with a remote control the size of a PSP, a beautiful lake view.... Justin's such a gadget guy. While I was still admiring the view, he was in the media room, kicked back in one of the 4 La-Z-Boy recliners, playing with the huge remote. :0) It WAS nice watching movies in there, although I wouldn't recommend Jurassic Park if it's your first time to see that particular movie...
Anyway, disgressing! Back on track, brain...
The perfect writing spot happened to be sitting outside on the back deck. It was upper 60s (just warm enough for rolled up jeans, flipflops, and a t-shirt, my favorite attire) with a good view, a breeze was coming up from the lake, I was sitting on a comfy bench next to the love of my life, and I had a pen, a highlighter, and a market guide in my hand. I was going through the guide highlighting potential recipients of my work (pity them!). Then I wondered, why on earth do I not have my laptop here hen-pecking away on the keys?
Simple answer, I left it at home. Dumb idea! I wish I had one of those tiny laptops to just toss in my messenger bag wherever I'm going!
I admitted to myself later, however perfect it may have been, I still wouldn't want to write there all the time. Sometimes I get the most work done at orchestra, where it's so crazy and noisy I have to work hard to focus. A variety of places is good for me! :0)
But, sometime next year, I do want to go back there with my laptop and spend some time writing. Although, if a certain young man is there, it might be pretty difficult to concentrate!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still Review

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting on Monday. It's been a slightly crazy week, with the weather (and the internet still not working properly). Every second it's not raining it seems like my mom wants to get outside and do some project. :0) I don't blame her; we have a ton of stuff piling up on the outdoor to-do list since it's been rainy. At least it's no longer gray-the rain has made the leaves and flowers start popping (finally) and I can enjoy a good rainy day as long as there's some kind of color to look at.
Now, onto the post: a review of the new The Day the Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves.
Yes, this new version had cool special effects, and more mysterious "ships" than the glowing disk of the old black and white classic. However, I can safely say that it wasn't a movie I liked. I spent the entire time picking it apart. Normally I can shut my brain off the first time I watch a movie to just enjoy it (except in the case of something like Inkheart, where Dustfinger caught my attention so quickly I had a hard time focusing on the movie).
The Day the Earth Stood Still isn't my favorite old movie, but I think they ruined it the in the remake. Ending violence (naive as it may sound) was a better idea than the aliens destroying mankind because they're ruining the earth.
Seriously? They built a mvoie on that premise? Yes, seriously.
Now, do I agree that we should take care of the earth? Yes. God gave mankind the authority to rule over the earth, to dominate and take care of it but not destroy it. I really don't agree with the people who think that humans are destroying nature.
Especially aliens.
If you're going to remake a movie, make it better, not worse, than the original. Making the main character a scientist--OK, that could pass (although I liked her better as a ordinary person who didn't try to explain away everything because of science). Giving her a stepson who's a brat (and who really doesn't have a character arc) doesn't pass with me. I like the kid in the original much, much better.
I also liked the original version where Klaatu comes to earth already in human form. This new version where he comes as an alien and is "born" as a human in our world is kind of ridiculous. Plus, though it fits within his character as not caring for the humans, he hurts and kills multiple people (although he then heals them, which doesn't make sense for his character at that point in the movie). The new Klaatu does eventually stop the plan to destroy mankind (I guess at risk of his own life...) but I still like the old, peaceful Klaatu better.
Then there's Gort the robot. Pretty corny in the old one, yes. Plain ridiculous in the new one. Gort (the name is given to him by the scientists who study him...I don't remember what it means) is made up of billions of little mechanical bugs (at least I assumed they were mechanical) who's sole purpose was to destroy everything living on earth (except the animals who have already been taken away in little versions of Klaatu's spaceship).
Now, could I have enjoyed this film if I'd turned my brain off and just watched it? No. It was so in-your-face that I couldn't enjoy it. Story themes should be subtle. This was anything but.
Am I irritated I watched this movie? No. For one thing, I didn't pay to see it. For another, I enjoy every now and then watching a movie that makes me think. Do I care to watch it again? No. Do I recommend it? No.
Sorry if this seems jumpy and random. I didn't have much time to put it together. But I think you get the general idea. Keep in mind I'm not saying, "Don't watch this movie." I'm expressing my opinion of the movie. If you want to watch it, go for it! But remember to keep your brain on during this movie.


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