Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Graduation Track Meets

Well, in my enthusiasm for Monday's post, I totally forgot to update y'all on what's going on in life (besides striving to bring fun back into my writing). So, here 'tis :0)
Last Saturday, we had our first big track meet of the year in Seneca. It was a medal meet, so it's a pretty big deal. There were 5 or 6 teams attending. Unfortunately, I only know one of my siblings' places (Hannah took first in JH girl's high jump! YAY!!) because I was stuck at high jump the entire took four and a half hours to get through all the girls and most of the boys. But I know that Josh and Hannah did well. I had several other students who placed in the top three of their age group, which is really good!
The Seneca meet ended up getting rained out about an hour from the end...too bad, because Josh and Hannah hadn't gotten to do triple jump yet, and that's Josh's best (and favorite) event. It looked like the rain was just going to spatter a bit, then it started really pouring, then we discovered that there was a good-sized severe thunderstorm heading our way. Bummer...if it had been any warmer, I would've liked the soaking I got, but not so much when it's lower 60's...
But we went to this yummy restaurant in Joplin on the way home, Bella Pepper' good! I got toasted ravioli, I love good ravioli (not the stuff out of the can, yuck!) Justin got the Italian fried chicken, which looked good but I kind of forgot to ask for a bite. Plus I didn't want to gross Josh and Hannah out. :0)
This last Tuesday we had the JH medal meet...Hannah won triple jump and high jump again, and two of our guys (Michael and Wyatt) took first and second in high jump!
This week we've been busy getting ready for extended family visits--Josh is graduating Friday! *sniff*. He's not supposed to be old enough to graduate, no way! I'm looking forward to Friday night cause I get to introduce Justin to some extended family. Speaking of's less than a month til Justin graduates from college!! Whohoo! I really can't wait until he graduates, it's going to be great!
Oh yes, and we've been roped into helping with SHEM, the homeschool convention. I'm doing registration Thursday night, and working in a hospitality room Friday morning. Then I get to hang out all afternoon (I get to see my best girlfriend Monica!) until Josh's graduation, then we'll have the family gathering at our house afterward. Saturday is looking nuts because we have the SH medal meet at CSOS in Springfield, and a JH meet at Springfield Lutheran. So...which to go to? Not like I even can go to one and then the other, cause the SH one starts at 9 am and the JH one starts at 10 am. Argh!!!! (Excuse the pirate moment). ;0)
Now, there's my life for ya at the moment. I'd better quit rambling and get to writing in Roliwyn. I left the protagonist, Jakon, in a bind yesterday and am going crazy to see how he gets out! :0) TTYL (I'll post a couple of Josh's graduation pics if I can).

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Tornado Chaser said...

Ooh, meeting relatives sounds kinda scary. Nah, it will be fun!
I can't wait for graduation, either, but that will have to wait until after this crazy weekend.
Love ya lots!

Nienna said...

Woohoo!! Congrats must be doing a good job :) Ooh, I get to see you tomorrow!! Yay!

Heather said...

Hey Nienna, glad to see you got around to checking out my blog! :0D See ya tomorrow girl!


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