Monday, April 6, 2009

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Hello everyone! I hope it's warm and sunny today where you are. Friday and Saturday were wonderfully warm and sunny, but yesterday and today have been somewhat blah. Missouri weather is annoying in the spring--it just can't make up it's mind to be consistent! :0)
Josh has been sick most of this week, which is a bummer since his birthday was on Saturday. Hannah's been sick since Friday, and Mom's getting sick...I've been taking echinacea and zinc like crazy hoping to ward off this nasty cold!
But, Hannah felt well enough Friday to participate in our first track meet of the year, a small junior high one. I was pumped up that day, since I had several high jump students participating and we'd only gotten to practice high jump once. But they all did very well. Congrats! to Hannah, who took first in girl's, and Ally, who took second in girl's, and Wyatt, who squeaked in first in boy's!!!!
I'm super excited about this year's JH high jump team, as you can tell. :0) And the senior high team, too, I'm pretty confident they'll be really good.
Saturday, since Josh wasn't feeling well and we weren't doing anything for his birthday, I went to Big Cedar with Justin's family. Hung out, played mini golf, and watched Napolean Dynamite (which is, in my opinion, one of the dumbest movies ever...maybe even eclipsing Finding Nemo). Yesterday we hung out here with my family, watching The Bourne Ultimatum (Justin had never seen it before, and it's one of mine and Josh's all-time favorites), eating German Chocolate cake (yes I ate some even if I hate coconut) and playing the Nintendo 64 Mario Kart game (Justin stomped everyone most of the time, but I beat him once! Heehee.). So yep. We were bums yesterday. And Josh has discovered a new favorite animated character--Rhino the hamster from Bolt. LOL! Gotta love Rhino, he's "ridunculous"!
I'm so glad that we only have a few more weeks to go before Justin's graduating!!
That said, now to my writing. I'm trying to meet my weekly word goal of 1,000 words (or four pages) on my book. That's not much, but I figure I'll start out small and work up. Problem is, I'm having a hard time meeting even that goal. So this week I'm really going to strive for it. And I'm planning to send out some query letters to magazines, etc. I'll keep you posted on that!
Sorry, that's about all on my writing life. It's been pretty pathetic this past week. I'd better go see if I can make it any better this week by working on Roliwyn.

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Tornado Chaser said...

Yeah, Napolean Dynamite is one of the dumbest movies ever, sorry we made you watch it. Sunday was just a bum-around type day, but it was fun...especially beating you at Mario Kart! Overall, it was a fun weekend and I can't wait until next weekend. Oh yeah, graduation...can't wait!!!
Love ya!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

It was starting to get warm here in North Carolina until a couple of days ago, and then it was like a blast of winter flew back in. My husband and mother have been quite sick. I think its going around.


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