Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Writing Madness

Did y'all have a good spring break? I know I did (mostly...yesterday my puppy Bronnie decided to go for a roam and I haven't seen her yet). Busy week...stormchasing, spring shopping (gag!), hanging out with Justin, his family, and my family, last soccer games of the season (*sniff*), start up of track practice (all of us siblings are running and I'm coaching high jump) and baseball practice...whew! It doesn't slow down. I have my "little" brother Josh's 18th birthday, then my "little" sister Hannah's 14th, then Josh's high school graduation, throw in track meets here and there, sprinkle an orchestra performance or two in for good measure, and Justin's college graduation. All in the next 2 months! Ack!
LOL...last night and today, I watched episodes of the first season of the old Get Smart TV show...heeheehee! "And lovin' it!" as Agent 66 Maxwell Smart would say! They're kind of stupid, but funny (the first time through). Plus its fun to see what Professor Parker can make into a gun or phone...I mean seriously, a rubber ducky gun?!? :0D
RANDOM ALERT: The Jayhawks didn't make it to the Final Four. *crinkle nose*. :0) Actually I just like the Jayhawks cause my dad likes KU.
Funny story about that...the other day when we were shopping, Justin, Mom and I saw a t-shirt hanging in a shop window that said "The good...Jayhawks. The bad...K-state. The ugly...Mizzou." Then there was one with Mizzou as good, Nebraska as bad, and KU as ugly. Of course we all got good laughs out of those. Justin got an even harder laugh out of a Mizzou shirt that proclaimed, "Sorry, Jayhawks...crying is NOT a sport." We're not big enough college team fans to take offense. :0)
Anyway! Enough of random stories. Enter (drum roll) the REAL post.
In my first post I mentioned my WIP...or actually my 3 WIP (works-in-progress). The Second Crown, Roliwyn, and NightSword. I'll discuss those so you guys get a closer idea of what I'm working on.
I've been working on The Second Crown for close to 5 years...yes, 5 years this October I believe. It's my first full length fantasy novel. More than likely I'll split it into two books to offer to publishers, simply because it's over 150,000 words long, and you can't edit out a third of the story like that. The two parts would (tentatively....a publisher could probably come up with better titles than these) The Second Crown I: The Quest and The Second Crown II: The Winning of Lerem. I'm on edit number 5. The first edit was my own edit, then my mom went through it, then my friends Josiah H and Monica T went through parts of it, and now I'm going through it again working on stronger characters, beats, narrative, etc. I haven't been editing much lately because my writing time has been limited, making me want to work on my creative part of writing (which is Roliwyn and NightSword).
And a little teaser to make you want to read it: The Second Crown is about a girl who holds the secret to preventing war in her country.
I'll let you know when it's published. :0)
Roliwyn is the sequel/prequel to The Second Crown. Technically, its a prequel. But the prologue and epilogue are sequels to TSC. Trust me, it works. ;0). I'm currently 60,000 words into the book and hope to have it completed (not edited) at just over 90,000 sometime soon. Come June I'll have seriously been working on it for a year. It spawned as an idea about one of the country's heroes mentioned in TSC, Jakon Roliwyn. In their language, "roliwyn" means "hammerhand; a name given to a knight of great renown who is ranked among the best in arms and chivalry". Jakon Roliwyn is a king who's throne is usurped by an assassin. That's the main plotline, anyway. There are...let me count...three other subplots intertwined. I'd say for my second novel it's pretty complex. Sometimes it makes me want to tear my hair out, but for now I'm satisfied because I know exactly what's happening within the next two or three chapters. And I have this really cool escape scene plotted for two of my characters, which I'm super excited about! If I pull it off right, the escape scene might even eclipse my favorite chess-playing scene from the beginning of the book, where foreshadowing finally clicked with me. I'm pretty excited about the direction this book is going...and now I need to finish this blog post quickly so I can go write!!
My third book is currently titled NightSword, and I don't know if that title will stick or not. Possibly as I write the book I'll come up with a different title, but I tend to need a good title right off. Right now, I'm character plotting for the book. I have a series of things I write up about my characters; their looks, their Inner Values, they way they act, why the act the way they act, etc etc. The storyline isn't fully fleshed out, but it will come, I tend to be a SOTP (seat of the pants) writer so I don't do a ton of beforehand plotting. I will tell you this; NightSword is about an elf who used to be an asassin/sorcerer but is now a good guy.
So there you go, my writing! Hope you enjoyed hearing about it...and I also hope that it made you curious enough to want to hear more and buy the books! (a little shameless self-promotion...hey, isn't that wht we authors do?!?!?) :0)

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